We Perform The Following Treatments:

Please call us for more information and/or advice before fumigation. Prior to the use of substantial chemicals on a property, the Client is required to read and acknowledge our terms and conditions.

METHYL BROMIDE IS A POISON GAS – Symptoms of human poisoning include: nausea, dizziness, headache, unusual fatigue, blurred vision, slurred speech, staggering walk and convulsions.

The property has to be VACATED FOR 48 HOURS – please notify your insurance company. The fumigation takes place entirely at the OWNER’S RISK.

KEYS / FULL ACCESS required to all areas / please remove all valuable items. The owner is to INFORM ALL NEIGHBOURS of the fumigation dates. ALL PERSONS, PETS, FISH, BIRDS, LIVE ANIMALS TO BE REMOVED. ELECTRICITY MAY BE CUT OFF – alarms, clocks, video and pool timers to be re-set. All indoor, patio PLANTS TO BE REMOVED – plants in contact with or within two metres of structure will be affected.

OPEN FOOD TO BE SEALED / REMOVED – foods with liquid / chemical content, e.g. eggs, milk, wine, medicines to be tightly sealed or removed. Contents of fridge / freezer to be tightly sealed or removed.

PHOTOGRAPHIC GOODS – old photographs may be affected. Wool, fur, feathers, LEATHER GOODS , (e.g. white kid) PERSIAN CARPETS, may be affected. OIL PAINTINGS may be affected. FOAM, rubber, latex products may be affected.

Loose or old GUTTERS, BARGE – BOARDS and FASCIAS may be affected. OPEN all WINDOWS and DOORS upon return to the property. WASH WORKING SURFACES and utensils used in FOOD preparation after return. TV AERIAL / DSTV DISH moved / re-set entirely at owner’s risk and expense.

We reserve the right to POSTPONE the fumigation in the event of inclement weather.

Kindly note that this work may involve drilling through the foundation flooring and/or cavity walls and damage may occur to wooden flooring, carpets, ceramic tiles, etc. Every precaution is always taken to minimize the damage and all holes will be filled after insertion of the chemicals. Kindly also note we cannot take responsibility for under floor electrical conduit or circuits, plumbing lines or other pipes which may be severed by drilling into the floor. Our quotation does not include making good the tiles or other floor materials and the work is done entirely at the owner’s risk.

Please note that the termicide used for this treatment is a POISON chemical and is extremely toxic to humans, animals, birds, fish and insects.

All contact with the treated areas should be avoided.